The Crossing is a project by the people of Red Deer.

The Crossing is a project created by and for the people of Red Deer. Many individuals have contributed to or have been consulted for this project including local historians and media production professionals, residents, as well as representatives from the City of Red Deer’s Archives and Culture Services departments.

The Project.

Cities have their roots in geography, their branches in community and their fruit in people. Telling the story of Red Deer Alberta begins with geography, as a crossing point at the Red Deer River on the Calgary-Edmonton trail. Out of this seemingly small beginning has grown a diverse community that has established itself as a significant centre of Alberta life and commerce.

This interactive documentary explores the relationship of land, trade and people in the growth of a community. It is told through the people who live there.

Using voice characterizations and interviews, we hear in first hand accounts the stories of people who worked to build the community. We hear of the the struggles in establishing farms and businesses. We hear about the unity within the community of diverse people, such as the French in the north and the English in the south, and come to understand the values of tolerance and charity that are a hallmark of the city of Red Deer. We hear the stories of families and individuals who settled here, their triumphs and challenges, from the past to the present. In the end, the soul of the city is revealed.

The story is told in short 2-10 minute vignettes connected to landmarks and places on walking tours around Red Deer. The video is accessed through smart phones using QR codes at the sites. The audience will experience a video presentation narrated by a person connected to the site, while standing or walking around the place where the story took place.

Mark Collings



Hwy2.TV is a media production company that specializes in documentary film production and interactive learning.

The City of Red Deer

The City of Red Deer was incorporated in 1948 and is a major centre for business and culture in Alberta.

City of Red Deer Heritage

City of Red Deer Heritage provides a range of initiatives that support our community's cultural and natural heritage.

Doris Jeanne MacKinnon Ph.D

Doris Jeanne MacKinnon is a published author, historian and educator.

Marcelo Vilhena

Marcelo Vilhena is a filmmaker enrolled in the Motion Picture Arts Program at RDC.

Drew Martin

Drew is an award winning director, writer and producer who has worked on hundreds of hours of television programming over the past 30 years.